Thursday, October 15, 2015

Kraft Plus "Inspired by Nature" October Challenge.

Just sneaking in to share my layout for this month's
K+ October Challenge.
Here is the challenge

So this month we are getting back to NATURE
 The challenge is to use feathers (they do not have to be real)
and something that nature has provided (these DO have to be real. Think shells, sticks, pebbles, leaves etc etc )

Kraft + Feathers+ Items supplied by Mother Nature herself

I took the photo of the toadstool with my old phone.. and just love it.

I used a real feather in my cluster and added some pussy tails (not sure if that is what they are called and some gum nuts from the garden and some laminated leaves that I have been saving.

Chipboard from Words or Whatever - WOW. perfect.
So how about it?
Why not take a walk in your garden, or the park, or the beach and find some
unique embellishments provided by Mother Nature herself?
You may just be inspired to create something amazing :)

thanks for stopping by.
I will have some more layouts to share soon.. using some more WOW chippy ;-)

take care of you


Lizzy Hill said...

LOOOVE those leaves...the colours are fabulous. Laminated, eh? Now, there's an great idea to store for future reference....I adore mushy photos, too. Especially those ones that pop up somewhere random.....GORGEOUS page...but you knew that already, right????!!!!! Oh, BTW....couldn't help myself. It's a sickness, I tell you....just didn't seem right not i have - hit me!!!

chilli pip said...

This is a wonderful layout. Love that photo and the way yo have added to it with the bird, feathers and flowers. I have never seen a gum nut before , they are really sweet and look lovely in your cluster.

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