Saturday, May 2, 2015

Bloody Globe! May Kraftboard Challenge.

I bought this globe at my local op shop back in November 2013 for $5 and had so many ideas running through my head on what to do with it!
Too many ideas.
Way too many tabs open :/
so I put it onto the shelf where it stayed for a while.

The first thing I did was to get rid of the electronic bits and pieces (it was a light).
Then I spray painted it black.
I had an idea of covering the whole thing with photos... like this...

sorry.. I saved this photo so long ago that I can't remember where I actually saved it from to give a photo credit :(
So I printed off a heap of my favourite photos and off I went to the Escape to Create retreat in 2014, with the globe under my arm.
I was sooo very excited to getting started.

So I started.... and the photos were creasing, (even though I printed them on thin adhesive paper) there were gaps, and it was so very frustrating!
So I put it aside and when I came home I put it back on the shelf :(
Where it stayed until the 2015 Escape 2 Create Retreat.
While we were setting up we had a shower of rain out of nowhere and because I had my scrapping gear outside out of the way during setup, the globe got wet.
WHICH WAS COOL! Because I wanted to peel off those photos I stuck on last year and it was so much easier with the paper being wet.
So I sat there and peeled off some of the photos.. but .. meh... that was boring.
I had scrapping to do and socialising to do!
So I took it home.... and put it on the shelf..again.
Where it sat until a few weeks ago.

The May Kraftboard Challenge  for Kraft Plus Challenges inspired me to take the "Bloody Globe" as it was now being called, off the shelf.
I love the colours and natural elements in this Kraftboard.
So I got rid of those black and white photos once and for all and then set about papier-macheing the globe with Kraft wrapping paper.
Then, using the twine wrapped around the bottle as inspiration I wrapped twine around the bottom of the globe, and tied a bow with it, like in the book photo.
I stamped some book print onto the kraft section, inspired by the books again.
I LOVED those beads in the Kraftboard.
I threaded some beads onto some thread and painstakingly stuck it around the globe.
(argh! If only I knew the magic of glue guns BEFORE I used glue and waited and waited.. and WAITED for it try and the beads to take hold
Then it was a matter of embellishing which was fun.. once I got my head around working on a round surface.
and the finished globe... at last it is finished!
Sitting on a different shelf :-)
and yes, I still call it the Bloody Globe... although with a bit more affection now


Thanks for dropping by.
I do hope you pop over and check out what the other DT girls and GDT girls have created with the mood board.. SO VERY INSPIRING.. and maybe have a go at it yourself :-)
Until next time
Take care of you


Paula said...

You already know how AMAZING I think this is! The twine, those beads, the creative & clever, so inspirational! I totally love it!

Lizzy Hill said...

Ooh my gosh! This was such a FUN read (sorry!!!!)..... & a wonderful story too.....& I am so glad you finally finished the globe - it deserves pride of place, for sure. It's a GORGEOUS globe. A BEAUTIFUL globe. It ain't a bloody globe no more:):)!!!!!!!

Lizzyc said...

Wow! I can't even imagine how long it took you to put the twine on the bottom half like that! Lobe the beads! What a fabulous otp creation! And inspirational take on the Kraft challenge!

Helen Wallace said...

What a fun blog - sharing the obstacles along the way, just adds to the triumph of your finished product. Good job sticking to the task. Brilliant result.

Chantal Vandenberg said...

LOL! I just love your post title - he he! What an amazing creation, Sandra! It's an absolute stunner of a project - seriously gorgeous! Now it's a bloody ripper! ;D

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