Monday, January 12, 2015

Kraft Plus Challenges

For the past couple  months I have been very busy with a secret squirrel project.
An all NEW Kraft Challenge blog!
And gosh I have been overwhelmed by the response over at the Blog and Facebook
I am so excited to see that Kraft lovers have missed the now closed Kraft It Up challenge blog as much I have.
It was one of my go to places for mojo, ideas and inspiration.
Then, during the middle of the night, (when most of my brainwaves hit) I thought why not start up another Kraft challenge blog.. for Kraft lovers everywhere.
After a quick message to  Amanda Hall, and receiving a positive, enthusiastic GO FOR IT!!
I did :-)
Amanda has been my team mate with creating Kraft Plus Challenges. Quietly urging me on, encouraging and offering sound advice.
AND!! WOW!! Her amazing talent with digital design is put on show, not only on the blog, but with lots of fun and clever teasers and sneak peaks  on Facebook to whet everyone's appetite, so to speak ;-) Very thankful for all of her help and for sharing her talents.

I have surrounded myself with a fabulously talented Design Team. (you can see them all over at the blog)
Each and every girl on that Design Team just leaves me in awe of their work.. and each with an amazing style.
Their behind the scenes encouragement, support, laughter  and advice has been so appreciated.
They truly are a wonderful team of girls x

I was also overwhelmed with the support of the sponsors.
So many have jumped on board, without me even outlining what the blog was all about.
They took me at face value. Sight unseen. How amazing is that! And also very humbling :-)
All the sponsors can also be seen over at the blog.. there is a little tab up top.
You may be surprised at how many there are. And so many wonderful prizes.

I can't wait to really get things moving with the first challenge reveal.
I loved coming up with the challenges.. and with Amanda's clever digital "tweaking" they look professional, fun and inspirational.
I can't wait until we can all start playing with them!

Sorry for gushing.. but...

I am so very very proud of the Kraft Plus Challenges blog.. and we haven't even revealed the first challenge yet!!

And if you managed to get this far.. wow!! thank you!

I hope you pop over and have a look.. and I really hope I see one of YOUR creations in the entries section one day ;-)


Lizzy Hill said...

...and so you should be! I can't believe all the hard, constant & thoughtful work you 2 have put in to the new challenge.....can't wait for the first one to be up now:):)!!!!!

chilli pip said...

looking forward to joining in , best of luck

Beck Beattie said...

Sandra, your take on the first challenge is simply divine!! LOVE every bit of it! Congrats on a successful launch xxx

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