Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Scrap Retreat Antics

At the recent Escape2Create retreat we all received an awesome goodies bag, chockablock full of wonderful bits and pieces.
Everything on this layout, with the exclusion of the "antics" alphas, the paper clip and the little yellow flower is from the goodies bag or was given to me as a gift or is a momento.
Even the photobooth photos were taken and printed right there at the retreat.. how cool is that??
Love these photos of all the girls of table eight.. we had soo many laughs that weekend. :-)
The chevron stamp is a Louise Nelson creation...I have a little piece of her awesomeness. LOVE IT.
The yellow ink and pen a gift from Jo Kinder (thanks chick)
and I found a little yellow feather sitting on the lawn outside on the last morning.
And I still have heaps left  in the bag to use.

At the retreat Jo Kinder was creating awesome layouts using ink splats... she had everyone inspired.
It got me thinking.... how could I make my own?
When I was creating the layout last night, I knew I NEEDED to add some Jo inspired splats with the ink she had given me....out of necessity I created this...

Make up sponge and a rubber band... and it actuall works!!

Mind you, I LOVE what Kim Jeffress came up with..... you can check it out HERE
Much easier :-) and so inspiring..... but this works if you are desperate.

Thanks for stopping by!


Kathryn D said...

I love this layout. And the paint splots are awesome... they look fabulous. I must scrap our photos and use the goodies from the goodie bag... you are a great inspiration and you don't mind sharing your trade secrets, thank you xxx

Kim said...

SERIOULY I love you!!!

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