Friday, March 29, 2013

Escape 2 Create 2013

 Last weekend I was lucky enough to go the Escape2Create Retreat.

I'm not going to tell you how good it was.
Not going to tell you how everything I needed for a great weekend of scrapping was catered for. (even to the point of having a Gerard Butler photo on the end of the bed for me.. now THAT is taking care of your attendees!!...thanks Amanda. ;-)  )
From fantastic food, 5 fantastic stores to buy from, totally awesome atmosphere , prizes, music, awesome teachers who taught and inspired us with the best classes, photo booth providing lots of laughter,  sitting in a beautifully decorated shed with the  best company ever having  lots and lots of laughter reverberating in our ears....oh  the list goes on.
Nope, not going to tell you how good it was, because it is bloody hard enough to get into without all the other scrappers in the  country registering for it too!!  lol

(and the other attendees will have my guts for garters for spilling the beans!)
The organisers, Amanda Hall and Meredith Treloar, were confident that this will be the best retreat to date...and  they were right. Congratulations girls on another awesome retreat.. and Thank You!
I didn't scrap much..only the four layouts in the posts below.... I was too busy having a great time.. walking around the shed, talking and socialising, looking at peoples work which never fails to  inspire me.
I laughed and laughed until I cried...mainly due to table 8's antics...oh you girls are a riot! Thanks for being the best table mates.

One of my highlights was meeting this girl and sitting with her all weekend.
Jo Kinder and I have been online friends for aaaages ..and it was fantastic to finally meet her in real life.
and this is what we were doing most of the weekend.....
Unbelievable talent and fantastic sense of humour and just an awesome woman.
and also catching up again with this beautiful girl.
Mel Forbes.
Oh how you and your table made me laugh during the weekend, not to mention your mascots. ;-)
And thank you for the inspiration! I went out and bought a canvas the very next day!!
And then there were others who I met for the first time and also who were revisiting..and  all were like old friends by the end of the  very first day.
Beautiful, Funny, Friendly and totally inspiring.
Kerryn Lawson, Kim Jeffress, me, and Gail Lindner

Kim Jeffress

Gail Lindner

Ebony Van der Starre

Sharmaine Kruijver

my Gangnam Style dancing buddy!
I loved meeting so many others, catching up again with others...
And always fantastic to spend time with best mates.
Trish Stevens.
My only regret for the weekend will be that I didn't take enough photos.
A wonderful wonderful weekend...
But shhhh....
we'll keep it to ourselves right??


Kathryn D said...

Haha, no we won't tell anyone how good it was. Great post Sandra. Do you know, I didn't take any photos.... just 3 of my layouts that I did.. that's it! Grrrrr xxxxx

Tiff Firth said...

mate. table 8 was a scream. what a great bunch of scrappy souls to be with. And even better was the riots of laughter around the table.

if there is anything I came away with this year its the sound of laughter around the shed and the Gangnam Style dance off.

Table 8 reunion next year I say!!

Sharmaine Kruijver said...

Loved meeting you!!!! Going to nick the photo of us and scrap it :)
Was such an awesome time wasn't it :)

Trish.S said...

How humbled I was to be reading your blog to find our picture here. As usual you hit the nail right on the head with your sentiments.. There was so much laughter followed by tears rolling down our cheeks. It truly was a fabulous weekend. I love you too my dear friend xxoo

Kim said...

sniff sniff.............

Ebony van der Starre said...

It was awesome to meet you! You are a gorgeous lady

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