Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Beautiful You

I Really enjoyed just "playing" with this.
*Edited to add...WOOHOO this layout made the cover of Scrapbooking Memories.. felt very blessed.
And a Goodbye.
I have had to make a very  difficult decision recently.
Work commitments have lead me to resigning from the Twiddleybitz Design Team.
Anyone who knows me would know how difficult this decision was to make.
Nicole and Andrew from Twiddleybitz are such great 'bosses', generous, fun and loyal.
The Twiddleybitz "Angels" are such a great team of amazingly talented and friendly girls.
I am so honoured to say that I was part of this incredible team, and consider them all friends.

I will miss them all terribly.. although I am sure you will still see a lot of Twiddleybitz on my future projects.. because it is simply  the best Chippy around ;-)
But life must go on.... and 2013 for me, is all about me simplifying my life and concentrating more on my family.
Thank you to all that have supported me in the role.

Take care of you.


Helen Wallace said...

How special this is. Gorgeous photo, vibrant colours, inovative design. Specially love the curtain like strips and the gesso :)

SueP said...

Bright n colourful on the kraft! Beautiful photo....it's all delish!

Lauren Hender said...

Love this layout. So colourful!

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