Sunday, September 2, 2012

Venus Bay Locals (UYS #4)

This is my 4th project since I have started the challenge I set myself.... Creat 20 projects using ONLY the stash I sneaking off to the LSS for something. And yes, it may seem I have skipped a couple of numbers, but I can't reveal the other 2 just yet. :-)
One is for an upcoming magazine feature (woohoo!! it was so exciting opening THAT particular email) and the other I can reveal VERY soon. :-)

This particular layout uses the new Twiddleybitz Lighthouse Overlay. Isn't it cool?
Perfect for all those beach layouts with Summer just around the corner. :-) I used the new TBZ brick template to create the brick effect.

I LOVE Venus Bay here is South Australia, and these 'local lads' really have a lot of personality.
They do tend to get a  bit 'friendly' sometimes and sneak over to the fish cleaning bay and have a real clever knack of stealing freshly filleted fish, but I just love them.

Thanks for stopping by.


Jasmine S said...

Oh how fabulous. I love those photos and the lighthouse is super cool. I too have my own little challenge to use yummy stuff on a page but then delve back into the archives and use something OLD OLD OLD to try and use it all up.
And while I am here, I was at Paperific yesterday and saw your gorgeous Twiddleybitz frame again and it really is just one of the best creations I have seen. Will always be a fave.

Kerryn said...

Gorgeous work Sandra! I very rarely buy new stuff myself any more. I like using my stash :). I still get to play with some new goodies but generally I'm digging in to older stuff.

Tiff Firth said...

must the times..... I delve into my older products too.

Love the subtle bricking on the lighthouse. Again, you rock Twiddley like no other.

Chantal Vandenberg said...

Oh this is BRILLIANT!!!!!!! Amazing work, girl!

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