Friday, March 23, 2012


Using the Prima Printery Collection Kit from
Scrap Sanity
very yum. :-)
Whenever I see this photo it reminds me why I scrap these old photos.
DH and his cousin were looking at it trying to work out who each of the children were.
I knew who they were because DH's mother had already told me.
But I couldn't believe that these two men didn't know who was who.
And it got me thinking....if THEY didn't know who they were, and they know, or have known, them, what chance do my children and their children have?
Without names, it would just be another old photo with no story.
Which is why I feel the need to atleast put names on my vintage layouts, I might not know their story, but I atleast try to document their names.  

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maryanne said...

OML, this is just GORGEOUS!!...Truly!!

Kerryn said...

This is stunning Sandra!

SueP said...

Wow Sandra, this is amazing!! You do vintage SOOOOO well!! Love it!!

Lene said...

Amazing layout ! love it!

Maria said...

*sigh* Just beautiful as always! Hey Sandra have a look at my latest blog post when you have a moment. :)

Janice Nicholls said...

A gorgeous page, love the photo, love the touches of teal, love the paper rolls.
Congrats on the OFP :) x

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