Friday, November 11, 2011


I scrapped this last year on Remembrance Day.
It was picked up for publication and I had to remove it and I thought I
might share it with you again.
Every Anzac Day and Remembrance Day I often think of what these men must of gone through.
They are my husband on the right...although he didn't get to go to Vietnam (something he regretted at the time) he did train for it.. but was in the hospital after emergency operation on the eve of departure.
He watched the ship, and his mates,  leave port from his hospital bed...
and some of them didn't come home.
In the main photo is my husband's grandfather Tom with  his son Eddy.
Uncle Eddy served in WWII
and Tom served in BOTH World Wars.
These men were lucky, they came home. But I wonder what terrible things they saw, and how many
mates they lost along the way.
 Every Anzac Day and Remembrance Day
I think of them, the mates they served with, and especially on Remembrance day,
 the mates they lost,
and also those serving for us today.
And I say Thank You and I will Remember..and I will do my best to make sure my children do to.

Lest we Forget


Kerryn said...

A truly special page Sandra.

Maria said...

Oh I love this one too Sandra. It's very moving. I've actually just started a page with one of my dad's army photos. Did the badge belong to one of your relatives? I was looking at photos of the same one to put on my page but the real thing looks so much better.

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