Saturday, March 12, 2011

Something in the Water

For the Leanne Jagos  Scrap Boxx Challenge.
We had to use the Something in the Water video and lyrics for inspiration.
I tell you this song has been driving me crazy!! I CAN'T get it out of my head!!!

So I ran with that and I just had fun with it.  I found the Twiddleybitz whimsy pieces and birdcage perfect

and here is the song


Kerryn said...

LOL Sandra, that's brilliant!!

:) Tiff said...

pmsl Sandra. love the photo. perfect with the theme of not getting the song out of your head. did miss T take the shot for you??

awesome handwriting for the background. and the white wash. love it all.

Jasmine S said...

Oh Sandra this is soooooo awesome. I just love so many aspects of it, the journaling background, the title, the splats, the pic of you in the birdcage is just unreal as are the little birds themselves, ummmm what else.....all of it really. So so cool.

Anonymous said...

bah ha ha. Love it!!!

maryanne said...

you're a crack up!!
you look a little crazy in this pic too!!!lol
but love the layout, and what a brilliant idea.

Leanne J said...

AWESOMENESS is this.. fantastic.. i love it.. oh and i'm so glad that you love that whoops.. sorry for creating a monster..eek..

but i love you...

{does that make it any better....}

oh and PSML>.

Marcy said...

This is SHEER BRILLIANCE I cant of gone another day without seeing this!!! LOVE IT ALLL THE HANDWRITING THE COLOUR THE CRAZY CUTE LIL NUT IN THE MIDDLE!!!! love the song though it doesnt affect me like that so much so I bought the album and trust me you so better hope she doesnt release her song "betty" talk about a couple of dumb lyric set to a great tune that will take up residence in your brain!!!!LOL
SEE..... bahahaaaa!

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