Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Oh Poop!!

There is a new Challenge over at the Twiddleybitz ning
Twiddleybitz Bingo!!!
here is my example

bit bright isn't it? lol.
here are the criteria for the challenge
if you feel inspired why not play along?
I used the criteria on the 2nd line down
ripped edge, wings, green, doily and button.
thanks for stopping by!
oh ps!
Thanks Leanne Jago for that brilliant it!


Leanne J said...

lol..that is WAY funny.. must've been something in the water for the bird to poop on had to throw that one in... heheheee.
anyho. i love all those funky animals..way to coolio... yay

:) Tiff said...

loved the tangling of the kite in the tree and the strategically placed bird laughing its head off above 'Dad'

what a priceless shot lol.

Jasmine S said...

This is just fabulous. I love that tree and the bird above your Dad is perfect with the story. I just love the bright colors and I love that idea of the bingo challenge.

Kerryn said...

hehe too funny!

Loving all that colour!!

Heather Jacob said...

Hi Sandra fellow south aussie !!!!!
gorgeous fun and colourful page ... my first time on your blog and it is totally awesome your style ...
I am following now and i'll be back for sure ... take care.. hugz x

Lisa Amiet said...

hehehe just gorgeous!

Kim said...

thanks fo rvisiting Sandra, I know it sbeena while since I have visited here, naughty me!! gotta love a bright fun layout too and that easel below is just SPECTACULAR!!!

maryanne said...

haha, what I love most about this LO is its just so like you!!it really epitomizes that crazy sense of humour you

Marcy said...

GREEN WITH ENVY ....dying AGAIN!!!!!

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