Friday, March 11, 2011


I have been playing with the Kaisercraft Birdhouses...Sheoak Craft Cottage have them at half price at the moment
plus lots of other goodies!

Sorry about the wonky photo..not sure if it is the house, the fence or me!
(probably me...I can NEVER take a straight photo! lol)

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Take care of you


Jessemiah said...

Oh my golly are just so dang good at otp's!!! This is just DELIGHTFUL!!! That bird with the fruit and the gorgeous are so rocking : ) Love and Peace xox

Kerryn said...


:) Tiff said...

wow indeed. love your brightness lately. and all the textures with this. what's not to love!!

Marcy said...

oh LORD!!!! I just died with awe and lust!

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