Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bottle Bib Tutorial

How cute are these???
What a great gift idea for anytime of the year, for any occasion or just because ;-)

You can find the VERY easy tutorial at Scrap a Little

Can see one of these printed with a Cosmo recipe ;-)
Thanks for stopping by

just editing to add..I didn't make these...
not that clever ;-)
these were the examples over at Scrap a Little


Leanne said...

well thats alittle bit TOO clever isnt it..LOL.. seriously though.. super coolio..

Helen Kinsela said...

I LURVE these but for some reason have never got around to making them. Perhaps I need to make a stash 'eh. They're so great and how easy is a bottle of vino?
Gorgeous stuff Sandra.
And THANK YOU my sweet for your gorgeous message on my blog, mwah to you too and let's hope 2011 is good for us all!

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