Wednesday, November 3, 2010

so many ideas in one place!!

I stumbled across this website and just LOVE IT!
It has so many ideas with  links to other websites and then you go on from there....and go on .....and go on... lol
It is a dutch site, but you can hit the translate button on the top of your page and it will translate most of it, so don't let the foreign language put you off ;-)

Lots of links in the sidebar too....
This one is a firm fixture in my favourites!!

Scrapping has been a bit slow lately,  would you believe that all my scrapping gear is still where I left it after I dumped it in there after the retreat??? so bad.
There are so many great challenges I want to attempt this head is swimming with to just get them on a layout!!!
Thanks for stopping by and pleeease check out that link....I promise you will find something to inspire you there...don't forget to click on the links in the sidebar  (under labels)

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