Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sheringa Sunset

Sunset at Sheringa
A quick share before I head off to work.
I am still playing with my camera ;-)
I climbed to the top of a dune at Sheringa to be greeted by the most glorious sunset...
More photos to share later but one for the road....
toooo many of these around lately :-( 
about 5 feet long.
And a huntman spider in my car!!!
oh the joys of camping! lol


:) Tiff said...

bet you had the big zoom lens on for that snake one, dont want to get that close with you other one lol

well done and no camera shake with nerves!!

miasmummy said...

OMG!! That sunset is divine!! I used to go there lots when I went out with a surfie, such a beautiful spot. And snakes, YUCK!! x

Marcy said...

awww GOSH and ARGHHHHG!!!!!
sunset spectacular snake not!!! LOL
I'd leave a longer comment but he, mr Brown keeps looking like he's going to slither off the screen and get me. chills are going up and down my spine ...gosh your photography is getting way too good!!! RAOTFH (thats hiding! LOL)

Jo Kinder said...

Awwwww beautiful sunset. Wish I could come visit!!!!!
ewww is an understatement about about mr.brown - despite the subject matter (lol) I love the depth you achieved, foreground & background and a little bokeh too :) sweeeeeet

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