Thursday, September 16, 2010

Believe Me

that's what I am!

These are the THREE items I will be teaching at my next class at Scrapworkz in Port Lincoln. (all for the price of one!! Bargain hey??)
I think time management will be the key

Paint and glimmermist splatters...with a lots of room for play!!!

Inking and embossing and learning to make a very easy layered flower.
***oops! forgot to credit Tiff Firth for the photos!! sorry Tiff!!**

and a card made from some left over bits and pieces.
Class is on Monday 27th September.
I think it will be heaps of fun! Lots of room to play with these and put your own stamp on them.

And a couple of photos to share..
The other day I happened to be driving around the countryside looking for things to take photos of with my new camera (still learning!!)  and happened to spy this hawk in a tree.
I pulled over and took a photo, then it flew away, took another photo. I was quite surprised later on when looking back at the photos that it had actually had a mouse....(yech)
Now  a photographer I am NOT!!!(So please don't be tooo critical lol) but I am quite pleased to have caught this on camera..even the out of focus shot of the bird flying turned out okay. lol.
Hope you don't mind me sharing my practice, out of focus, probably over exposed photos with prepared...the way I take photos there might be a few more bad photos coming!! lol


Samantha said...

Your layouts are fabulous Sandra, especially that top one, and a fab card too. And ewww about the mouse, poor thing. Fantastic photos though :)

Jo Kinder said...

These LO's are bloody awesome Sandra!! Wish I lived closer :(
I love your style, I know I've said that before but I really do!!!
LOL about you not seeing the mouse until later on teehee
The photo's are BRILLIANT!!! make it your style just like your scrapbooking ok??!!!!
hugs xxx Jo

:) Tiff said...

great shot. I really like the silhouette of the bird with the tail blowing behind from the mouse.

sorry I cant be there with you for the class :(

Kerryn said...

Fab stuff Sandra, especially the top layout!!

Kathryn D said...

OOOooh goody, another class here in Lincoln. 3 complete projects in one night - yay! Great photos with the new birthday pressie. Enjoy your weekend :-))

maryanne said...

love the top layout sandra..and so very you!
the class looks like excellent value for money too.

janice said...

your layouts and card look great. love the "believe me" page.

disappointed I wont be there to do the class, so wanted to do this one :(

SueP said...

Beautiful LO's Sandra... you are so clever, it is going to be a busy class!! Love your 'beleive me' LO....great colours and love the splats!

Great pictures of the bird....very clever!! I like the dark one too with the mouse tail hanging out!

:) Tiff said...

you duffa. thanks mate. mwah

chrisw said...

OH i just adore hawks,what great pics.

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