Sunday, September 19, 2010


The day my daughter Teagan, was born. Thirteen next week....Eek!!!

I am really enjoying the process of just "playing" with my scrapping lately.
Not 100% happy with this layout.... but I enjoyed the process. :-)
I was originally inspired by this layout  by Cathrine.

I will probably scrap this day ;-)
Have you ever done that?
Gone back through your scrapbooks, thought "yech what was I thinking and its such a precious photo too!" and then scrap it again???


Jo Kinder said...

Both hands in the air :)
I have had that idea, but then I think, 'just leave it' mainly because it shows the evolution of your(my) work/craft. It reflects how 'we' change too :) so the people who read our pages years and years down the track know a little bit about us and how we 'evolve' from one year to the next.
Nah don't scrap it again - scrap the photo again, but with a new story e.g. your perspective today.
I was actually thinking of 'lifting' it!!!

:) Tiff said...

bloody hell girl. What's not to like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE it. the textures, the sweeping paint lines, the free spirit that this projects.

man, you are getting too fussy girl. I'm with Jo. I can see me lifting this one!!!

Natalie said...

Don't touch a thing!!! This is just gorgeous. I know what you mean though...but my motto is 'once it is scrapped it is done.' No point going backwards otherwise I will never get anything done and I will still be doing the same page in 10 years Hugs.

maryanne said...


Susan Longman said...

I absolutely love this Sandra...amazing:)

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