Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I have really noticed the come back of crochet lately.
Or maybe it just something that stands out when I look at a layout or a card.

I have even taken up trying to crochet myself!
Every Thursday morning a very talented  (and VERY patient) lady comes to the Sheoak Craft Cottage and teaches crochet.
Not only am I learning a new craft, but also providing entertainment for my family as I sit there with my tongue poking out, fingers sticking out awkwardly, which in turn creates cramps (how on EARTH can this be good for people suffering arthritis???) and then the inevitable happens... I pull it all out and start again lol.

But I will perservere!! It hasn't beat me....yet :-p

What I am really excited about is using crochet not only to create flowers, but also as trimming or edging on layouts....
Here is a fantastic tutorial by Lollychops (one of my favourite sites for inspiration!)

Can't crochet but still love those crochet flowers?
Here is a tutorial by Danielle Flanders (such a clever lady) on how to make these faux crochet flowers...
(I will be trying these today!)

Thanks for stopping by!


Susanne Perry said...

That's about the only kind of crocheting I'll ever be capable of. How did your's turn out Sandra?

maryanne r said...

mmm where is a pic of yours?


Nerrida said...

Thx for the tip - they look great! Love those recent LOs too. That class one is really lovely!

Natalie said...

Love the image of the tongue poking out...why do we do that in deep concentration? :) Loved Danielles take on a crochet flower...thats the kind I can do...lol. Hope you are well!!!

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