Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wanna Go Nude??

Hmmm... didn't think so! lol.
There is a new challenge over at TwiddleyBitz.
Use 'Nude' TwiddleyBitz on your project.
No ink, paint, mist etc.
nothing, nada, zilch.
How simple is that??
I entered their last challenge...3 for 2
Upload 2 layouts, cards, or otp projects and you get the chance to win 3 (THREE!!) TwiddleyBitz packs.
and woohoo for me,  I won!!
and this was my happy mail yesterday.

Lucky me huh? JUST for playing along! (love their new nero range!!)
so if you have some spare TwiddleyBitz in your stash and you are in the mood for scrapping, why not play along? Use some 'nude' Twiddley pieces and then upload over at the ning site...toooo easy.
and oh while you are over there check out the gallery...Talk about amazing work!
Well I'm off to do some housework then might have time for some scrapping...and I might even go nude...(ewww!!sorry for the visual!! lol)


Kerryn said...

Woohoo!!! Have fun using them :).

:) Tiff said...

for goodness sake girl. go put some clothes on. you'll catch a chill parading around in the nude like that.


Trish.S said...

the mind just boggles!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love ya darl, have fun with your goodies :):):)

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