Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I survived! and so did they!! lol

Well I survived my first attempt at teaching a class! and so did the attendees!! lol
I tell you what, I came away from there exhausted and with  even more respect for the girls who ran the E2C classes!!! Girls to organise, teach and run those huge classes is an even more AMAZING achievement than I girls rock
I have a lot to learn and there were some time issues etc,...the class ran A LOT longer than I expected,
But I think everyone had a good time and came away having tried something new.
Some of the girls flowers didn't turn out as well as they would like, but I hope they go home and try again
(just a tip girls if you do... don't wet your flowers TOO much... just nice and damp ;-) and microwave them in little spurts and play and work your flowers in between those spurts...have fun!)

So to all the girls who went to the class
THANK YOU for being so wonderfully patient.
THANK YOU for getting in and trying new things!
THANK YOU for all the laughs
I really did have a wonderful group of girls.
and THANK YOU to Lindy and Leah and Sheoak Craft Cottage (sorry no link.. but there will be soon!!)
for the opportunity...

I enjoyed the challenge so much that I have signed up to teach another class at the Sheoak and also down at Scrapworkz in Port Lincoln. (oh my!!  glutton for punishment!!lol) but they won't be for a while yet.

and also a quiet little thank you to my friends for your support at the class and also supporting me behind the scenes with encouraging words and pep talks ;-)

After this class I think I will aim my classes for beginners (leave the hard stuff to the experts lol)
This is probably for self gratifying reasons.
To watch a beginner  gain confidence as they try things they haven't tried before and then look at their finished creation with a look of pride on their face really gives me a buzz. ifykwim??

Also I think a flower making day is on the agenda, no layouts, no pressure, just bring your scraps, tools, sense of humour and come and play...sounds cool huh?

oops look at the time!! Enough prattle, I better get the kids up and ready for school!!
If you managed to get through all that......thanks for listening (you have amazing stamina or maybe you are a glutton for punishment too??? lol)
and thanks for stopping by!
This was me..... just before the class!!! hehe


:) Tiff said...

hey you. From what I hear a good time was had by all. And so glad to hear that you're taking on another class and one in Lincoln. 'wahu' for the lincoln girls. they'll love you.


maryanne r said...

It did go well!!I enjoyed it, and I know others did too, you did very well!

Kerryn said...

Well done Sandra! Glad to hear it went well.

janice said...

You did a great job Sandra.
I really enjoyed it and was really happy with my finished page. Looking forward to the next one.

Trish S said...

LMAO Ya blardy idjet.... see i told you it was cos we luved ya. Seriously... I really enjoyed it, and will be at the next one too, well if I can. big Mwah!!

Anonymous said...

Sonia & I had a fantastic night. Gosh Sonia's page was so amazing!! Sandra you did a fabulous job and it was great to learn some new techniques. Even though the flower didn't work for me, I'll have another go. Will look out for the flower day you'll have and the class in Lincoln. Great job and well done!! Kathryn

Sam said...

Hi Sandra. Congratulations on getting through your fist class. I had a few giggles while reading your post. Most people take on a new understanding of teaching a class after they have taught one themselves but it is fun and I am glad to hear you will be back for more! Also want to say that it is actually easier to teach experienced scrap bookers (in my opinion) but you should "punish" yourself and try a beginners lesson, LOL. From the comments it seems to me like everyone had a awesome time.

Susanne Perry said...

Well done Sandra!

amanda hall said...

well done Sandra - i knew you could do it (and do it well!!)

I would agree with the comment above that teaching more experienced scrappers is a zillion times easier than beginners!! Good luck with that - i am sure you will find it a breeze though :)

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