Sunday, May 23, 2010

Best of Friends, a Wendela Lift.

There is a new challenge over at Escape2Create.....scraplift a layout!
and this is my layout  for the challenge.
I lifted this layout by Wendela.
Her layout jumped out at me as I was browsing her blog... so love her work!!
I had a lot of fun creating this..I loved playing with the different size of the layout and deviating from using a traditional background of cardstock or pp.
So liberating!!
Thanks for stopping by.
Oh and THANK YOU to all of you that had your fingers crossed for rain!!!
It has rained steadily all day! Such good news for the farmers!


Trish.S said...

ohhhhh Sands its beautiful, i bet you had fun with this, ( and so cute too hehe)
will love to see it IRL, and yes the lovely rain , i think my son is soo glad its raining cos he didnt have to pull weeds in the rain( his mother is not quite that mean lol)

Kerryn said...

Wow Scraplift or not this is a stunning layout!!

Marcy said...

No disrespect ment to the original but ...scraplift my butt...inspired by is what you should say!!! This is the most amazing thing I have seen you create I LOVE IT!!!!!

maryanne r said...

and Im gonna call in especially to see it one day too!!

oh and the rain, loving it for the farmers...not for my washing though.

Rebecca Beattie said...

Love your work Sandra! Is that blog header one of your photos... if so it is AMAZING!!

xxxBeck BT

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