Friday, April 23, 2010

Trish's web

Trish wrote:
There are no dew drop jewels here but I love the sunlight on the strands,and it took a few shots to be able to capture it. And how did the littleblighters manage to jump from one power line to the other LOL.

I've got them seeing spider webs everywhere now! lol
This pic is from Trish, I wonder what the passers by thought you were photographing Trish? (Ahh the visual!! lol.)
Thanks .. great photo!

(Funny how I love spider webs but HATE spiders!!!! Especially huntsmen...blech!!
I love the look of spider webs but I end up  looking like a raving lunatic trying to get it off me if I happen to walk through one!! lol )


Trish.S said...

Now... the visual of Sandra looking like a raving lunatic, geez you're a worry!!! Lucky you have us to look after you! mwah!

:) Tiff said...

i have a spaz attack when I walk into webs.

onya Trish.

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