Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Retreat Layouts

Here are the 2 layouts I completed at the Retreat plus Amanda's class layout. I also did Mel Forbes class and I will post that when I have the original to link to!!

This layout is Amanda's class layout 
 here is the link to her original layout. Teagan loved the layout and Ryan has put in his order for his layout ASAP. lol
Oh and an update on the ironing front....sorted, folded, and only half ironed.. think I might start taking your advice girls.......and bugger the ironing!!

******Edit Alert**************
I had to remove my layout of Amanda's class because her original was selected for publication!
No surprises there hey? Congrat's Amanda... deserved of the pick up!!


Melanie said...

lol my blog is updated Sandra with a gorgeous pic of you too!!! :) So good to meet you irl and glad you enjoyed the class - will be back for more next year!!! X Mel
PS bugger the ironing - it doesn't exist in our house unless it is dance concert time.

Kerryn said...

Beautiful layouts Sandra!

(oh and BTW your ironing pile is doing much better than mine. All I've managed to do is move it from the laundry to the family room LOL)

amanda hall said...

looks all fabulous Sandra!!

Louise said...

Woo Hoooooo, sooo loved spending my last morning in Cummins with you GG's!!! TU to you all for making it so FAB!!

Lou :) xx

Kylie said...

Great layouts Sandra !! ... almond kernels ? ... almond kernels ? ... where are they ??? oh that's right, I ate 'em !!

:) Tiff said...

pmsl laughing Kylie. I was looking for them and wondered what happened. the chook farm looks great. the fibre and the picket fence sit within it soooo well.

and how could i not like 'elephant' the colour combo is gorgeous.

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