Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Escape2Create Retreat.....Totally Amazing!

I had such an amazing weekend.
The girls who put on the retreat leave no stone unturned in their endeavour to give us girls a fantastic retreat.
I tend to "walk the room" and I did not hear one negative thing about the retreat... other than it is  not long enough ;-)
I had a great bunch of girls sitting with me at my table....such great company.. the weekend just flew by.
I don't think I have laughed so hard for ages....thanks Ted...(long story)
Met up with some old friends and made some new friends and even managed to scrap a whole 2 layouts! (other than the classes). 2 is not many I know, but considering it takes me a couple of days sometimes just to do one, I'm pretty happy with 2, lol.
For a much more detailed wrap up of the retreat and some photos click on these links.....
Escape 2 Create

Now what would  a Back in my Corner post be without a link?
While I was at the retreat I met the lovely Michelle from Scrapframes, which is unfortunately closing down :-(
Everything is 50% off sales prices.
I really recommend you go and have a browse, there are some totally amazing bargains! Better be quick though!

Now better be off... work to do....after the "surreallness" of  the weekend,  real life hits hard when you come home.
Something I learn't from this retreat is that I should get rid of this......

before I go, so that it's not there waiting for me when I get home.
Sorry about the crappy photo...my hands were shaking just at the thought of all that ironing..(uggh!) and I think I might get altitude sickness reaching the top of this mountain!!!

Also just a quick thank you for all the lovely comments, love it when someone stops by to say hello, don't you??


Jane said...

want to domine when youre finished sandra? mine looks same. please tell me you dont iron your bras aswell - the pretty pink ones there (i think they are anyway)
next youll have to post he LOs.

Jane P

sandra said...

pmsl Jane...oops..I must of been so overwhelmed by the thought of all that ironing I didn't see them there. and no.. I don't iron my bras lol... looks like a bit of sorting first ;-)

Marcy said...

WTFiretruck are you doing wasting good talent and scrapping time IRONING!!! (I had to look this word up in the dictionary just to find out what it was you were refering too!) Little hint if you fold and shove it in a draw with other thing on top it unwrinkles by the time you want it! Ironing is a ritual only observed in our household in the crazy momens before a christening, wedding or funeral!!! oh so glad you had fun at your retreat! Laughing... oh I remember it well!!!

Trish .S said...

gee the altitude sickness must have hit home before you started if you didnt see the bra there LOL. thank you thank you my dear friend for giving me the nice shove to get me to go to the retreat, i did realy enjoy it.mwah

amanda hall said...

thanks for your kind words Sandra. We love hearing all about the retreat from the attendees and see things differently than we do.

And i agree about the ironing. BIGGEST. WASTE. OF. TIME. EVER.

dont do it.

Kerryn said...

LOL I have an ironing pile that rivals yours! It's on tonights to do list.
It was great to see you again, it really is a fabulous event isn't it! Bring on E2C 2011 I say!

Kylie said...

Thanks for your company at the retreat Sandra ... nothing better than a good old cackle hey, what a fun bunch !! Ted still thinks he's funny !! lol
It was such a great weekend !
Good luck with all that ironing! I got my ironing board out (one day last year !!) and the kids looked at it rather inquisitively and asked 'What's that Mum'??? Mmm, that tells u how much I don't iron !!
Cya soon

miasmummy said...

Yes, Sandra, bugger the ironing... I get it out maybe once a year! Good to meet you too at the retreat. Am wondering if you went to the P/L High School, you may know my DH too.. Poor thing if you did!! LOL!! No, he's great!! Brenton McDonald. Just a thought!

:) Tiff said...

I could see that mountain of ironing from Nth Block. esp those over the shoulder boulder holders. lol

ScrapFrames said...

LOL, nice to meet you too Sandra! I hope that mountain looked quite a bit smaller once you'd stripped everything out that didn't desperately need ironing. My rule is that if you can't tell if it's been ironed or not once it's been on you for an hour, then don't bother in the first place!
Thanks very much for the link, yep, we're taking 50% off the site prices and postage starts at $5.60
Mwah! Hope to see you again at e2c 2011 !!

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