Friday, February 26, 2010

Escape 2 Create Challenge

I've finally managed to scrap again.
This is for a E2C challenge.

We had to scraplift a layout from a cover from a magazine.
I chose a layout by Sheri Reguly on the cover of Scrapbook Trends, July 2009 edition.

Sorry for the crappy camera work.. so dull!!
Thanks for stopping by.


maryanne r said...

clever girl you!!

oh and what a little cutie you were.

Marcy said...

AWWW what a cute lil tatertot you were I love the colours you've used with the photo and wow you did a great job with the "lift".
Is that even the same punch as on the original. Your's has a different nicer quaility like vintage fabric not as flat as the original. ya know wat I mean? LOL I mean because of the florals. Beautiful!

:) Tiff said...

look at that. a mini Teagan.

worked out well chick.

to brighten your pic open in PS. In the Layers palette R click on the circle that's half black/white. scroll to you find 'levels'. L click on it.

put on sunnies ;p

L click on auto. adjust the middle slider if needed.
flatten layers
save as jpg.

easy peasy.

sandra said...

lol.You lost me at "in the layers palette"
Thanks though :)

:) Tiff said...

we'll sort you out ;p

Sam said...

So sweet. Great lift and well done for getting a LO done. Love the distressed vintage look.

amanda hall said...

this is beautiful Sandra. Well done :)

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