Friday, January 15, 2010

Hello again
A while back I made this clock for DH, a few of you have probably already seen it.
Firstly sorry for the shocking quality of the photo. I tried every room in the house, tried every angle and even tried outside.. but still ended up with a terrible photo!
A photographer I ain't!!
Speaking of photographers, (lol nice segue way hey?) I originally got the idea to make these clocks from this clever scrapper and photographer who also happens to be a good friend ;)
Her clocks are amazing I recommend taking the time to have a peek

can anyone tell me the secret of replacing that long link with just the one word???


ndhearn said...

Hi Sandra!! The blog looks the title...very cute!! Enjoy bloggin again...maybe one day I might got less personal and sign back day ;)
Hugs, Natalie.

Sam said...

Gorgeous project. Your husband is going to love it. I love that quote on the clock.

:) Tiff said...

mwah to you chicky.


Marcy said...

Love the title!!! We share the same sense of humour me thinks, I RAOTFL when I saw your poll...its a joke isnt it!!! ? Thankyou for your fantasmagorical comments on my blog they were blogging gold and much appreciated french and all!!!LOL Love it Keep up the good work...cause I'm following you now!!! :)

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